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Shonen Showtunes

is a collection of LIVE events and online media THAT emphasizes and encourages the relationship between voice acting and theatre performance.

online media includes the Shonen Showtunes interview series on YouTube!

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live events include Shonen Showtunes: the V.A. Cabaret and Shonen Showtunes: The panel!

the Shonen Showtunes interview series gives folks a little taste of who and what to expect from the in-person shonen showtunes events. Each virtual interview "episode" features a mini-interview and brief performance from an individual actor that may appear in future Shonen Showtunes cabarets or panels.

shonen showtunes

Interview Series

In Shonen Showtunes: The Panel, actors discuss their training in theatre, memorable experiences from past stage performances, and other topics under the theatre umbrella! The panel begins with questions pre-written by Lexi and eventually opens up to audience questions. Questions are submitted via the Shonen Showtunes mobile webpage, accessed by a qr code projected onscreen!

shonen showtunes:

the panel

Shonen Showtunes: The V.A. Cabaret is a performance showcase featuring theatrical pieces performed by your favorite voice actors. With Lexi Nieto as your host, actors perform their pieces and discuss why they chose the pieces they chose. These pieces could be a go-to audition song or monologue, song or scene from a dream role... any piece they truly love & enjoy performing!

shonen showtunes:

The V.A. cabaret

Nov 19 2023_LexiNieto_211.jpg

Lexi Nieto is a Dallas-based actor, singer, and visual artist. She earned her BFA in musical theatre and has recently broken into the anime dubbing scene as the voice of Tomo Aizawa in Tomo-chan is a Girl!. A longtime fan of Nintendo, anime, and broadway musicals, Shonen Showtunes has become a passion project to connect the things she loves most in hopes that others will love them, too!


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